Don’t look back in anger: why I can only wish Hargreaves well in the colours of the laser blue

With Owen Hargreaves looking likely to sign up with City before the transfer window sews itself up for another few months, I’m left with a belly sloshed to sickness with mixed emotions. Hargreaves was a player that instantly won me over with his tenacious appetite to compete and dominate in the middle of the pitch. He was a true midfield dynamo.

Owen Hargreaves has been sorely missed for the last three seasons

I use the past tense not to disassociate my attachment to him as a favourite player of mine, or to hint at some sense of partisan betrayal and personal bitterness against his prospective move to City, but due a sense that he’s now an ‘unknown quantity’ to some degree. After three years out of the game, its hard to tell what’ll be left of Hargreaves’ on-field abilities. Continue reading


The Mou with a thorn in his side: why its ok to hate Lionel Messi

A guest blog from Dave Hillier.

Chairman Mou: Jose is a charismatic and highly likeable footballing despot. I write this under no duress.

Say what you like about Jose Mourinho; nobody can deny that he is a masterful practitioner in the dark arts of football’s pseudo-psychology. Whilst the mind games may not always work entirely in his favour, Mourinho is a man skilfully adept at getting into the heads of both journalists and fellow professionals, be it players or managers. Who else could provoke the normally sanguine Pep Guardiola into swearing on national TV before last season’s Champions League Semi-Final? For all the talk of Mourinho being “the enemy of football,” or of his “destroying Spanish Football,” as Pique would have it, the reality isn’t so black and white. It is as grey as Mourinho’s hair. Continue reading

Pretty Spurs to make waves? Greg asks a Tottenham fan about his team’s belated Premier League opener at Old Trafford and the season ahead!

The answers below were provided by friendly Tottenham Hotspur fan, Darryl Rolandson, who talked to Greg in the build up to Monday’s season opener at Old Trafford.

Spurs have won over the neutral with spats of carefree attacking play the likes of which could make Kevin Keegan flinch.

With your season opener against Everton called off, Spurs start their Premier League campaign with an away trip to Old Trafford. How are feeling about the season ahead?

You can’t argue that starting the season at Old Trafford is a bit of a nightmare, but there’s always hope. It would be nice to kick the season off with a win but a bad result first game doesn’t mean a bad season. On the whole I think we have a good shot this year, with morale low at the Emirates they seem to be gifting that 4th spot to someone else, so it’s just down to us to make sure Liverpool don’t buy there way back in. Then there’s always the Europa League to get us some nice silverwear and prove that even though it isn’t Champions League we still have the quality to perform on all fronts. Continue reading

Allianz Arena, here we come! ‘Some Goals’ European cup competition predictions for the season ahead!

Old big ears: back to the Camp Nou for another year?

With the imminent conclusion of the Champions League qualifying rounds, Greg and Dan thrown down their thoughts on the European campaigns ahead for clubs in the Champions League and Europa League this season.  Continue reading

A full continental: Some Goals take a look at the coming season across the major European leagues

Ribery finds Greg's Bundesliga predictions are not to his taste

Following on from our preview of the English Premier League season, we look at the leagues and teams across Europe that’ll be making the headlines throughout 2011/12, starting in Spain. Continue reading

The Scudetto And Race For Third

Despite a higher finish last season than Germany, Serie A has fallen to 4th place in the total UEFA coefficient rankings. With a coefficient of 50.481 significantly behind the German 61.436, the fight for Champions League places is now extremely tough within Serie A. With the league losing a Group Stage berth, qualification for the play-off round now goes to 3rd place.

The Main Contenders

Continue reading

Could the Emirates be done for Arsene?

The number of dissenters in the Arsenal fan base are growing.

As Fabregas nudges towards passport control, and Samir Nasri readies himself for the drive up the M6 to Eastlands, Arsene Wenger is facing open revolt from gunners fans as his philosophy and methods appear to crumble around him. After six barren years without a trophy, ‘the professor’ as he’s often characterised by the press, seems to be falling back on old answers to new questions with yet more left-field signings rather than a search for the tried-and-tested Premier League veterans some quarters call out for. Continue reading