Pretty Spurs to make waves? Greg asks a Tottenham fan about his team’s belated Premier League opener at Old Trafford and the season ahead!

The answers below were provided by friendly Tottenham Hotspur fan, Darryl Rolandson, who talked to Greg in the build up to Monday’s season opener at Old Trafford.

Spurs have won over the neutral with spats of carefree attacking play the likes of which could make Kevin Keegan flinch.

With your season opener against Everton called off, Spurs start their Premier League campaign with an away trip to Old Trafford. How are feeling about the season ahead?

You can’t argue that starting the season at Old Trafford is a bit of a nightmare, but there’s always hope. It would be nice to kick the season off with a win but a bad result first game doesn’t mean a bad season. On the whole I think we have a good shot this year, with morale low at the Emirates they seem to be gifting that 4th spot to someone else, so it’s just down to us to make sure Liverpool don’t buy there way back in. Then there’s always the Europa League to get us some nice silverwear and prove that even though it isn’t Champions League we still have the quality to perform on all fronts.

For the last few years, United Vrs. Spurs has been quite an exciting and eventful fixture, at least for a fan of the team in red. What are expecting from another trip up to the theatre of dreams?

I can see goals in the game, and controversial ones at that, with De Gea taking time to settle and the ticking time bomb that is Gomes we should get a few OMG at both ends of the pitch. I look forward to seeing how the midfields cope with each other as well. It will definately be an exciting game.

You won what became your first competative fixture away at Hearts 5-0 in the Europa League. Do you view the Europa league as a competition worth competiting for or an unnceccary distraction from your domestic battle for 4th place? With your form in Europe last season surely you must fancy yourselves for the cup?

You wait by the end of the season we will be the kings of Europa. It may not be Champions League but it’s still a chance to show that the squad can compete on several fronts, and that’s what they need to do. Obviously getting that 4th spot back is the goal but we need to show that we have a quality squad that can perform well both domestically and abroad. Besides who doesn’t like a nice trophy in the cabinet.

Could Modric be close to bursting Levy's resolve and forcing a move away from White Heart Lane?

How confident are you of keeping Modric at White Heart Lane? Who would you like to see brought in to replace Luka if he does go?

Personally, i’m tired of this whole Modric saga now. As a fan of him and the team i’d love for him to stay and keep doing what he’s doing, the quality is undeniable, but at the same time I believe there are other players who can fill the slot. If Huddlestone can live up to his potential I can see our midfield doing just as well, and you’ve got to love Niko he’s already shown against Hearts that he can take the reins from Modric. But for now with Chelsea buying Mata I think we may at least have another few months with the lovely Croat.

Last season Spurs looked two players short of having a very strong first XI (mainly in central defence and upfront), whilst injuries showed up a lack of quality in the squad’s depth. How do you think your business in the transfer window so far has fared? Has ‘Arry put his wheelin’ and dealin’ to good use?

Ah the transfer window, a quiet period for us this year although we had to wait until deadline day last year to catch our jem then so I haven’t given up yet. Although without saying goodbye to Modric i’m not sure where the money to invest is going to come from. But with the possibility of Diarra coming in to add a bit more depth to an injury prone midfield and the acquisition of Souleymane Coulibaly as a definate one to watch i’m sure the wheeler dealer has done us alright for another year. Hopefully he’ll pull something out of his hat though and get us another last minute steal.

Gain a stadium, lose a name: could Olympic Hotspurs be the future for Tottenham?

This business with the Olympic stadium, with all the ribbing thrown at Arsenal for being plastic north Londoners, how do you, as a fan, weigh up any potential switch out of Tottenham and out into the east end?

As much as people bitch about plastic fans this game is more and more driven by money and unfortunately for us we don’t have enough to compete with the big boys at the minute. Maybe a switch of scenery would help do the trick bring in some new fans and give the club the ability to reach for the top. Unfortunately unless something drastic is done we could be left trailing down at the old White Heart Lane.

Finallly, with ‘Arry looking like the likely candidate to take the England job after Capello, who would you want to see replace Mr Redknapp?

Hmmm, who would I like to see take over from Harry. I’m not sure you know for his lack of tactical displays Harry seems to bring out the best in the boys and that has shown over the last few seasons. I don’t think I could pick a replacement off hand but as long as it’s someone who has the drive to get us to the top I don’t think i’ll mind who it is.

Arsenal are your great historic rivals, and one of your major competitors for 4th this year. Are you enjoying watching Wenger flounder or is there any pangs of sympathy for an old foe down on their luck?

I’m not going to lie, seeing Arsenal get off to a pretty mediocre start has brought nothing but a smile to my face. But at the same time as a fan of the game I like watching them play and the quality they still have is sure to get them back on the straight and narrow soon enough. Still i’m sure to enjoy seeing them drop as many points as possible while they’re in this slump, it gets us that little bit closer to being back in the Champions League.

Thanks Darryl! Hopefully you and your Spurs will have a good season this year (the race for 4th looks tastier than ever!), although I hope you don’t enjoy your first match this term too much.


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