The Third Round of the FA Cup: Best day of the year?

Hello! My name is Luke, or Boosh, and Greg has asked me, amongst others, to contribute to the re-birth of this blog. Like a phoenix from the ashes of an October abandonment. I am the Chester FC of the Some Goals world. Or not. Anyway, I’m a Spurs fans, I like following foreign football leagues, Inverness Caledonian Thistle are my Scottish team, I like the heroic poetry of the noble loser, cup upsets, giant-killings, loyal club heroes, lower league football, and the kits and badges side of things. So, what better way to do my first blog than with a live chat-along to the FA Cup 3rd Round? Like the excellent BBC or Guardian live texts, only worse. And by the time I upload it, it will be well past being live. This may be doomed from the start, but nonetheless…

15:00 – So here we go! The first games are kicking off and I dunno about you, but I’m all ready for a storming day of FA cup football. Liverpool destroyed Oldham in the end last night, but those 60 seconds between his goal and Bellamy’s equaliser must have been the best of Robbie Simpson’s career.  And that’s the magic of the FA Cup. Birmingham and Wolves did draw earlier, but we won’t talk about that one.

15:25 – And plenty has happened already! Bit longer between ‘entries’ than I’d hoped but things had to be done, cups of tea made, streams found, things like that. Practically jumped out of my seat when Macclesfield equalised against Bolton though, cupset on! Defoe has just scored for Spurs, which has reassured me no end. There’s always that fear when your team is playing lower league opposition that you’re going to be on the receiving end of a cupset, but so far, nothing yet.

15:30 – Norwich vs Burnley is turning into a right old ding-dong. 2-1 after only 15 minutes, and now Holt has missed a penalty, of all people. Gillingham have also gone 1-0 up against Stoke, some history there between Pulis and the Gills chairman. Macclesfield are having right good go at Bolton as well, would love it if the Silkmen could provide us with a giant-killing tonight, there’s always one somewhere.

15:33 – Goals flying in all over the place, and Score are jumping from stadium to stadium. This is precisely why I love the FA Cup 3rd Round. Even better, there’s FA Cup 3rd Round Match of the Day to come tonight! This was always my favourite as a young’un, because the BBC would provide little illustrations of the kits each team in the upcoming highlights was wearing. As a youngster with little to zero knowledge about lower league football at the time, that was quite thrilling, nevermind that I am an absolute geek for kits, badges, flags etc. I mean, age 9, how was I to know the difference between Wycombe and Shrewsbury without the little illustrations? The very best thing was coming across them accidentally, as I didn’t really know the FA Cup timetable inside out and back to front at that age. I vividly remember coming down early one Sunday morning, turning it on, and a MotD for the 4th Round came on, and I punched the air in celebration. I was such a cool child.

15:37 – And the Steve Kean resurrection continues, Goodwillie has put Blackburn 1-0 up at Newcastle. Would that count as a giant-killing? Hard to say. Cardiff have launched a comeback at West Brom, and Stoke have equalised against Gillingham. Booo.

15:40 – Swindon have equalised against Wigan! This is good news!

15:43 – More good news, and the only cupset I’m not angling for, as Spurs go 2-0 up against Cheltenham.

15:47 – Half-times sounding all over the nation now, and it hasn’t been a bad one so far, I must say. Despite Stoke just going ahead at Gillingham. Macclesfield are holding their own against Bolton well, Wrexham have kept out Brighton so far, and Tamworth are only one goal behind Everton.

15:50 – Right, time for a cup of tea, see you in ten minutes or so.

16:05 – Games are kicking off again, and goals are going in, so maybe it’s time to sit back down again. I opted for a huge vat of coffee, rather than a tea by the way. Just in case you were interested. And Macclesfield are already having a decent go at Bolton. This is the match I’ve got streaming in a window next to Word by the way. Score on the TV, Macc-Bolton on my laptop. Pukka. Not sure if Macc fans are encouraging their keeper to shoot at all times but they should be, given Bogdan’s exploits against a certain Tim Howard last week.

16:08 – Football fans the country wide berate Blackpool for scoring a second against Fleetwood. Fully adored and beloved last season, now people are tutting at them for destroying cupset hopes and dreams. Funny old game.

16:13 – Cardiff equalised against West Brom, my cupset sense is tingling.

16:16 – 3-0 to Blackpool. You can stop now, Blackpool. That’s enough. Please. Robert Huth, subject of the best football chant in the Premiership, has scored a third goal for Stoke as well. Cupset dreams getting shattered left right and centre now.

16:21 – Kudos to Dagenham and Redbridge for drawing 0-0 with Millwall earlier as well, I’d love to have been at that game. In fact, living in Woolwich as I will be for the next six months, I am going to make the effort to go and see the Daggers a few times. Certainly cheaper than going to Spurs anyway.

16:25 – Macclesfield score! What a beauty, turns and volleys it in from at least 20 yards. Arnaud Mendy! Oh come on, guys, please keep it up. Bolton are hammering at the Macclesfield penalty box already, even as I type this up, and MK Dons (shudder) have gone 1-0 up against QPR. Excitement all round.

16:28 – Owen Coyle does not look pleased. Tee-hee. There is definitely something inherently pleasing about seeing Premiership managers squeezing themselves into breezeblock dugouts at lower league teams. Another reason why today is my favourite day of the footballing calendar.

16:30 – For the second of about four times today, I get to see Howard Webb blow his whistle and point dramatically. People who’ve stayed watching Score for an entire afternoon wil know what I’m talking about.

16:32 – Forgot to mention earlier, the BBC commentator at Crawley is calling in her updates by telephone. Today is a good day. Fifteen minutes left, and Macclesfield are already at the stage of jumping to block shots with their arses. Bodes well.

16:33 – Bolton equaliser. Sad face.

16:34 – Dramatic turns all round then, Swindon go 2-1 up against Wigan and Crawley have scored, which means another phone call with Lynsey Hooper on the BBC. Fantastic effort, Auntie. Stevenage are 1-0 up at Reading as well, after beating Newcastle last year. Not sure when that happened but I’ve only just noticed it.

16:40 – Everton score a penalty, putting a dagger into any hopes that Tamworth had of staging a comeback. Which is a shame. And the Fleetwood comeback is another one well and truly over, with Blackpool now leading 5-1.

16:43 – Bolton hit the bar from a free kick and Spurs score a third goal, perennial “he’ll be really good next season” player Giovani Dos Santos scoring. Never sure what to think of him. Time running out for teams across the matchday if they want to do something dramatic. The upside of which is of course that any goals scored now have the bonus of being called ‘last-minute drama’.

16:47 – Four minutes for Macclesfield to hold on for a money spinning trip to the Reebok. Bristol are down to 10 men against Crawley, too. I am rubbing my hands with glee. I know its Crawley, so its maybe ‘less’ of a cupset than if it were someone else. But they all count today.

16:49 – Full times being announced up and down the country now, perfect timing for anyone to make a name for themselves.

16:50 – No, QPR, an equaliser against MK Dons was not what I had in mind. Shame on you.

16:51 – Full time at the Moss Rose, 2-2 it finishes for Macclesfield and Bolton. A lovely replay for Macclesfield’s bank balance, and a supremely exciting tie for the fans. This is what it’s all about, guys. Wigan have been knocked out by Swindon, excellent!

16:54 – Gutierrez has ruined the dream for Steve Kean’s team with a late goal for Newcastle. Still, Blackburn probably have bigger things to worry about this season.

16:56 – Full time at Crawley, another phone call from Lynsey Hooper, and Bristol City are out. Not a giant-killing as such, but a much welcomed cupset all the same.

16:58 – Winding down a bit now, there can’t be many games still playing.

17:01 – I feel kind of sorry for commentators and 5live reporters working today if they’re at stadiums. Imagine being a part of the FA Cup 3rd Round experience but only able to concentrate on one game. I’d want to be in the studio, watching it all happen.

17:03 – Running through the final scores now on BBC, and I don’t know who this guy reading the scores out is but he’s no Tim Gudgin.

So, that’s that for today, Bristol-Villa game notwithstanding, and it’s been a good day, I think. Wrexham, Crawley, Dagenham and Redbridge, Notts County, Macclesfield, MK Dons, Stevenage, and Swindon have all pulled off upsets of some form or other, there were 73 goals in the 3 o’clock kick-offs, and apparently there’s a big game tomorrow as well. Manchester-something-or-other?

But anyway, I think this is as good a place as ever to sign off on my first ever blog. Hope you enjoyed. Future ones will be more writing based, less “I’m just typing whilst basically watching TV”, promise.


EDIT: The time is now 22:03 and I have remembered that ITv carry the FA Cup highlights these days. Needless to say, I am devastated.

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