‘Some Goals Are Bigger Than Others’ was born as a football blog written from both sides of the Manchester divide. It was to be a ship canal cold war journal, discussing red/blue nuclear proliferation in terms of diminutive Latinate footballers and their fancy soccer skills.

Originally kicked off by Greg Johnson, a Cheshire-born, London based United die-hard, and Dan Morehead, a Mancunian Manchester City fanatic, ‘Some Goals…’ has since grown to a cast of around 11 regular and irregular contributors. They include, but are not limited to: David Martin (Udinese fan boi), Luke Bushnell-Wye (architect of Spurs blogs), Matt Davies (an ex-pat in Dundee), Rikki Sollis (Football Manager correspondant) and David Hillier (United man undercover in deepest, darkest Merseyside).

Our collectives aims are to write like inspired maniacs high off whatever Mario Balotelli confuses for Vics night rub. Some of us aspire to Hitchens-esque association football polemics; others, tactical evangelism involving formation anarchy and Alex Ferguson.  George Orwell wasn’t keen on football leaving one of our number as the probably and inevitable author of a blog entitled: ‘The Road to Wigan Atheletic”

When all else fails, and pretentions slide, we at least hope to provide interesting, entertaining and highly opinionated views on the teams, games and sport that makes football worth caring about. Inversely, we’re also rather keen on poking at the parts of the game that don’t quite work: the problems and issues that make us question our passions, heroes and ideals on the beautiful game for the better.

Contact Some Goals by email: somegoals.blog@gmail.com


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