FA Cup Success Sweet for United

Originally published by Pick Our Team on February 21 2013.

It’s about time the FA Cup returned to Old Trafford. While the Premier League takes priority, ending this season with just one piece of silverware in the bank would feel like an opportunity missed considering the names left in the running.

After United disposed of Reading on Monday night, only Chelsea, City and Wigan have qualified for the sixth round from the Premiership (Everton must first navigate a tricky reply). Championship and lower league giant killers round out the remaining contenders. It’s a cup that, on paper at least, is there for the taking.

That’s not to say that the likes of Barnsley and Oldham should be dismissed: their continued presence in the tournament is testament to their threat. However, with Middlesbrough and Chelsea battling for the chance to play United in the next round, surely it isn’t too controversial to suggest that facing the former is preferable to a tie against Roman’s real life Football Manager fantasy? Continue reading


The Third Round of the FA Cup: Best day of the year?

Hello! My name is Luke, or Boosh, and Greg has asked me, amongst others, to contribute to the re-birth of this blog. Like a phoenix from the ashes of an October abandonment. I am the Chester FC of the Some Goals world. Or not. Anyway, I’m a Spurs fans, I like following foreign football leagues, Inverness Caledonian Thistle are my Scottish team, I like the heroic poetry of the noble loser, cup upsets, giant-killings, loyal club heroes, lower league football, and the kits and badges side of things. So, what better way to do my first blog than with a live chat-along to the FA Cup 3rd Round? Like the excellent BBC or Guardian live texts, only worse. And by the time I upload it, it will be well past being live. This may be doomed from the start, but nonetheless…

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