Joy Division: an attempt to pull the Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo debate apart… again

Approaching a comparison between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi with any sense of objectivity in mind is an exercise in bland futility. The facts, stats, analysis and been reviewed, recast, recovered and overdone to a point of utter tedium, ending way the same obvious conclusion. How boring. Why would you want to be boring when discussing the two most exciting players of their generation? Boring…

Ronaldo vrs. Messi: a battle of footballing titans

The conflict between Messi and Ronaldo is one of subjective tastes, embellished back stories and a focus on their preened and presented ‘personalities’, the likes of which are exaggerated and enhanced in a manner that borders on the creepiness of fan fiction online. Continue reading


The Mou with a thorn in his side: why its ok to hate Lionel Messi

A guest blog from Dave Hillier.

Chairman Mou: Jose is a charismatic and highly likeable footballing despot. I write this under no duress.

Say what you like about Jose Mourinho; nobody can deny that he is a masterful practitioner in the dark arts of football’s pseudo-psychology. Whilst the mind games may not always work entirely in his favour, Mourinho is a man skilfully adept at getting into the heads of both journalists and fellow professionals, be it players or managers. Who else could provoke the normally sanguine Pep Guardiola into swearing on national TV before last season’s Champions League Semi-Final? For all the talk of Mourinho being “the enemy of football,” or of his “destroying Spanish Football,” as Pique would have it, the reality isn’t so black and white. It is as grey as Mourinho’s hair. Continue reading

A full continental: Some Goals take a look at the coming season across the major European leagues

Ribery finds Greg's Bundesliga predictions are not to his taste

Following on from our preview of the English Premier League season, we look at the leagues and teams across Europe that’ll be making the headlines throughout 2011/12, starting in Spain. Continue reading