A bluffer’s preview of Ligue 1


Sorry for being late. Je suis désolé et paresseux. I must also apologise for knowing next to nothing about the Ligue 1. Blame Channel 5’s old weekly “Goalazzio” programme where I could watch Del Piero and Totti in their prime. Blame the Premier League being far more entertaining. Blame most other leagues being more entertaining. Blame the French teams for making a tradition out of selling all their best players to foreign lands where they could truly realise their potential. Blame there only being two good French teams on FIFA 12 (three if you count Lille, but virtual Hazard was often as dissapointing as he appears in the flesh). So yes, you’re about to read a league preview of a league that has already started, written by a guy who’s knowledge of the French Ligue consists mainly of watching Juninho freekicks on youtube.

So, instead of pretending to do a team by team summary of the Ligue, I’m instead going to concentrate on the fight for the Champions League spots. Because, lets face it, the majority of people reading this blog won’t care that much about Ligue 1, but they might if a French club progesses into the latter stages of The Champions League. Which leads me nicely onto… Continue reading


A full continental: Some Goals take a look at the coming season across the major European leagues

Ribery finds Greg's Bundesliga predictions are not to his taste

Following on from our preview of the English Premier League season, we look at the leagues and teams across Europe that’ll be making the headlines throughout 2011/12, starting in Spain. Continue reading