The Best Team in the World?

OK, how to get off the mark writing for this here esteemed blog? Lets go with a big one. Who is the best team in the world right now? Yeah, why not:

OK, in my opinion… Udinese. Seriously, I think it might be Udinese. Continue reading


A full continental: Some Goals take a look at the coming season across the major European leagues

Ribery finds Greg's Bundesliga predictions are not to his taste

Following on from our preview of the English Premier League season, we look at the leagues and teams across Europe that’ll be making the headlines throughout 2011/12, starting in Spain. Continue reading

The Scudetto And Race For Third

Despite a higher finish last season than Germany, Serie A has fallen to 4th place in the total UEFA coefficient rankings. With a coefficient of 50.481 significantly behind the German 61.436, the fight for Champions League places is now extremely tough within Serie A. With the league losing a Group Stage berth, qualification for the play-off round now goes to 3rd place.

The Main Contenders

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