Twitter, Football and Ressentiment: My Reply and a Farewell

Ressentiment: Manga style

As it may have be gleamed from my previous articles, I am a Liverpool fan. I know, I know, nobody is perfect. But I like to think of myself as being, at least most of the time, a fairly reasoned and sanguine commentator when motivated to write about football.

I am also a user of twitter, although I mostly use it as a way of collating various sources of articles on subjects that interest me. Indeed, it is rare for me to get involved in the heated, faceless tribalism that permeates such social networking websites.

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Tony Pulis vs The Premiership: reviewing the visit of the poncey foreign blueberries

A look at the weekend’s events from the perspective of the tracksuited one.


Arsenal. Arsenal. They’re no Valencia, are they?

I tell you, I was rubbing my hands with glee when I found out we’d have Arsenal so close to the start of the season. As were the fans, probably. Either rubbing their hands with glee, or shaking them around madly. Can’t always be certain which. He got his excuses in early as well, did the big French pudding, complaining that the grass was too long. I know! That man will whinge about anything. Continue reading

Seasonal Affective Disorder

WARNING: This post contains some very poorly mixed metaphors.

There was the Summer Olympics, and its heroic athletes bounding around in the (occasional piece of) sun. There were the gymnasts, who almost made me want buy a gym pass in order to get the body of Adonis –to go with my face, obviously. And the rowers and cyclists, whose endurance made my summer job playing with underprivileged children look like a walk in the park, which it technically was. But whatever.

However, autumn is slowly creeping upon us, the football season has returned, and with it a vast increase in my blood pressure, smoking and alcohol intake. It’s sad. And SAD. Continue reading

Sid Lowe and Luis Suarez: don’t shoot the messenger

Sid Lowe is one of Some Goals’ favourite writers. His Suarez interview should be viewed as misguided rather than malicious.

The Luis Suarez racism debacle rolls on. Respected journalist, and La Liga correspondent, Sid Lowe took to Twitter to engage and answer a deluge of damning criticism over his interview with Suarez published this morning by The Guardian. The controversy grew from a small section of the piece that sought to briefly reference the Uruguayan’s on-field abuse of Manchester United’s Patrice Evra. Unfortunately, the popular writer stumbled upon two contentious and rather misleading points that could be read as a doubting of the intent of the Liverpool player’s actions and his guilty verdict.

Lowe’s initial response was understandably reactive, challenging his challengers over their potential bias and the sad state of affairs in which important issues quickly become divided over club allegiances rather than reason and the matter of what’s right. These exchanges quickly grew far more insightful and engaging however and the ensuing debate was positive, productive and civilised – a refreshing change to the usual flame wars and abuse spewed over the social network. It was clear that the writer, whose work is regular featured in the very best football publications and sites around, had no intention to defend the actions of Suarez or question the verdict. Instead, he had sought, through his interview, to cover the player’s background, personality and hyper-competitive nature to explain rather than excuse the incident and its fall out. Continue reading

A bluffer’s preview of Ligue 1


Sorry for being late. Je suis désolé et paresseux. I must also apologise for knowing next to nothing about the Ligue 1. Blame Channel 5’s old weekly “Goalazzio” programme where I could watch Del Piero and Totti in their prime. Blame the Premier League being far more entertaining. Blame most other leagues being more entertaining. Blame the French teams for making a tradition out of selling all their best players to foreign lands where they could truly realise their potential. Blame there only being two good French teams on FIFA 12 (three if you count Lille, but virtual Hazard was often as dissapointing as he appears in the flesh). So yes, you’re about to read a league preview of a league that has already started, written by a guy who’s knowledge of the French Ligue consists mainly of watching Juninho freekicks on youtube.

So, instead of pretending to do a team by team summary of the Ligue, I’m instead going to concentrate on the fight for the Champions League spots. Because, lets face it, the majority of people reading this blog won’t care that much about Ligue 1, but they might if a French club progesses into the latter stages of The Champions League. Which leads me nicely onto… Continue reading