The Blizzard – Is it a magazine? Is it a journal? Is it brilliant? Yes to all three. The 21st century equivalent to the footy mad coffee shops of the Austro-Hungarian empire, in
(e-)paper form!

Zonal Marking – One of the best football blogs on the net, focussing on the insightful tactical observations of Michael Cox.

The Equaliser – This fantastic, long running blog is packed full of histories, recaps, opinions and all round excellence in the field of online football writing.

In Bed With Maradona – Folk stories, world football myths and legendary tales of the beautiful game.

Les Rosbifs – English footballers dont travel well? Tell that to Les Rosbifs, the guardians of knowledge when it comes to ball bothering ex-pats in foreign lands.

Who Ate All The Pies – The tastiest online football magazine around.

When Saturday Comes – Independence and excellence in one monthly magazine.

Talking Baws – “Dedicated to producing high quality content on the greatest sport in the world”.

Differentgame – Dispelling football myths through the medium of blogging.

Beautifully Red – Capturing the best moments of play from Manchester United and beyond in GIF. form.

Down Right Sports – Covering sport on both sides of the pond.

Reality Football – Articles, insights and opinions on the footballing zeitgeist.


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