Twitter, Football and Ressentiment: My Reply and a Farewell

Ressentiment: Manga style

As it may have be gleamed from my previous articles, I am a Liverpool fan. I know, I know, nobody is perfect. But I like to think of myself as being, at least most of the time, a fairly reasoned and sanguine commentator when motivated to write about football.

I am also a user of twitter, although I mostly use it as a way of collating various sources of articles on subjects that interest me. Indeed, it is rare for me to get involved in the heated, faceless tribalism that permeates such social networking websites.

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Putting A Swan Among The Pigeons: Why Swansea City Are The Best Team In The Premiership

While most spend their time debating whether City or United are the best team in the English Premier League, the real answer could a little more…Welsh.

Yes, I truly believe that Swansea City could be the best team in the EPL today. Stay with me…

Let’s kick-off with an outrageous claim; Swansea are the Barcelona of the EPL. While Arsene Wenger has spent years trying and failing to get his side playing the tika-taka style football that Barca have made famous, Brendan Rodgers has managed to stroll in with his band of merry men and do just that within months. There is no doubt that the possession football which the Swans play must be admired. On average this season they have had 56% possession and 85% completion – joint top in the EPL with Chelsea and City.  Continue reading